Participants in our Front Page session will be introduced to all the relevant aspects of media outreach for academics and researchers. For some, that may be enough to set them on their communications journey.

Others will choose to take a closer look at aspects of public engagement that are introduced in the Front Page. We offer two specialist half-day programmes, called the FH Advantage workshops: FH Social Media Advantage and FH Writing Advantage.



This workshop will give a need-to-know of the different social media platforms and their potential uses and benefits for participants. Participants will leave the workshop having set themselves up on the platforms in which they are most interested, and with an excellent understanding of how to best use these platforms according to their needs.

Duration: Half-day

Number of participants: 6-10

Training content: Benefits of raising your profile in the online community - Using online time efficiently – what is your digital objective? Information gathering? Engagement? If engagement, then with what audience? – Knowing your audience - Different social media platforms: which ones suit your needs? – Getting set up on networks relevant to your digital objective – Honing your message for impact online – Your online brand - Strategies to schedule and manage social outreach – Practical techniques for building your audience - How to engage with users across several accounts – Blogging basics.

The session will be driven and dictated by the knowledge and experience of the participants. 


Writing a clear, intelligible lay summary is an excellent exercise in good communication, and the resulting document can be immensely useful in a range of scenarios. It is the most methodical way of teaching effective communicative writing. The FH Writing Advantage workshop will equip participants with a simple step-by-step technique to writing an engaging lay summary. We will show participants how to use the skills taught in the workshop to improve their wider communicative writing skills. Each participant will benefit from individual feedback and will walk away from the workshop with an effective lay summary based on his or her own work.

Duration: Half day

Number of participants: 6-10

Training content: How to write an effective lay-summary, a step by step approach - writing your lay summary, individual advice and feedback to participants - your research in three minutes, presentation workshop.

A lay summary is an excellent exercise in communicative writing. Participants will see a presentation of step-by-step lay summary technique and its application to a number of very different research abstracts. Then participants will apply the technique to their own work with help and individualised feedback from the facilitators. Participants will then create a simple vlog in which they present the content of their lay summary.  They will receive a copy of that vlog.

Cost: FH Advantage workshop - €1,500 ex VAT

Need something else?

Our modular course is specifically designed for maximum flexibility. If you need something designed for a particular audience, please get in touch.