Media training in Maynooth University

We really enjoyed delivering media training to groups of researchers in Maynooth University recently. At the beginning of FH Media, the lovely people in Maynooth were kind enough to let us pilot our fledgling training course. Needless to say, we're much more polished nowadays! Anyway, we love Maynooth, especially at this time of year when the beautiful campus is all aglow with autumn.  

It felt good to be more than two years in and still doing something we believe in so strongly. We are constantly amazed at how communication is seen as a soft skill, and yet the more we see and experience the more we are convinced that it is crucial to absolutely everything. 

The Maynooth University researchers we met were fascinating and had so much to contribute. All they needed was a little re-angling of their messages for a public audience. Having experts who can shed light on complex issues in the media is just so valuable. If we have enough of them, they will force the level of public discourse upwards. We very much hope that we'll some familiar names cropping up in the media.

Grainne FallerComment