FH hosts panel discussion on diversity in STEM at UCD

We spent a fascinating afternoon moderating a panel discussion on women in the sciences, hosted by UCD’s Women@STEM network.

The Diversity in Stem event, held at Moore Hall in the O’Brien Science building, attracted over 200 people and featured a lively discussion on promoting women in higher education and research, with contributions from Assistant Professor Fiona McGillicuddy, Professor Gerardine Meany, Assistant Professor Saoirse Tracy and Director Triona McCormack. Each panellist  brought a unique perspective to the conversation, ranging from Fiona McGillicuddy’s experience of taking maternity leave while spearheading a major Wellcome Trust research endowment, to Gerardine Meany’s illustrious career researching and writing about the representation of women in Irish public life.

From her leadership position on the UCD research strategy development team, Triona McCormack threw light on the requirement for a wide-ranging  and nuanced approach to achieve real and lasting diversity across the university. Saoirse Tracy brought to the table insights from her current activities working to gain Athena Swann certification for the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science.

Grainne FallerComment