This is FH Media Consulting's flagship media training programme. The FH Front Page session has been designed to meet the communication needs of academics and researchers and others who have a complicated story to tell. 

We tailor the Front Page Session to the audience. If we are working with a group of scientists, we address the specific challenges of science communication in the session. 

However, we have found that the most productive sessions are those where there is a mixture of specialties and disciplines in the room. The cross-pollination of ideas and the communication challenges that take place can add real value for all involved. 

The modular design of the Front Page session means that it can be easily tailored to the needs of an individual audience regardless of level. We like to get a list of attendees beforehand so that we can see exactly what the experience level in the room is and tailor the session appropriately.

Below is a standard session for a group of researchers who, while not absolute beginners, need a briefing on all the basics. We offer sessions of similar duration for interview skills and for absolute beginners. 

Duration: Half day.

Number of participants: 6-24

Session Content

Section 1: Why engage with the media? - What's in it for me and my career? - Can I make a difference? – Why me?

Interactive exercise – Speed dating

Section 2: Dealing with a media approach - How to respond when a journalist calls – Key questions before the interview - Being ready with your message - Taking control of the interview – Audience, audience, audience - Avoiding common mistakes -  Adversarial interviews

Interactive exercise - FH Live


Section 3: Being the expert - Making yourself visible - Building your brand – Twitter and what the research says -Using social media to your advantage

Exercise: Tweet your research

Section 4: Reaching out to the media - Where to start - Getting your research out there - What journalists and editors want and when they want it - Audience matters - Making a successful pitch - Ideas that work – Stories that make headlines

Exercise: Making a pitch


1 x Front Page Session: €1,000 ex VAT

2 x Front Page Sessions in a single day: €1,500 ex VAT