The FH intensive is an exclusive video interview training workshop. Having a clear message is absolutely vital when it comes to television and radio interviews. It also adds considerably to speeches and presentations. This particular workshop must be focused on one or two individuals and the messages that they want to communicate. It is highly focused and highly tailored to the individuals involved.

Duration – 2-3 hours

Participants - 1 or 2

Training content: Questions to ask before the interview - Identifying your audience - Deciding on your message - Refining your message and tone - Presentation technique for radio and television - What to wear for television – Body language - Giving an engaging interview - Techniques to get back on message - How to deal with an adversarial interview or debate -What to do when you don’t know the answer - Beyond the interview

Participants will learn from their successes and their mistakes by participating in mock interviews, presentations and studio contributions. The final hour of the session will be dedicated to an as-live filmed interview for each of the participants. Participants will receive a copy of the interview for future reference.

Cost: FH Intensive - €3,000 ex VAT