Ideal for a larger group, we will deliver a presentation on any single aspect of our communications training. Recommended areas for a focus session would include how to write a lay summary/how to get your research into the media/social media for researchers, but we can focus on any area. Indeed, if you have an idea for a session and we haven't covered it in the Front Page session, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do. 

Duration – 60-80 minutes


We will begin with section one from the Front Page session in which we give a pep talk to participants about why public and media engagement is something that is worth doing. We will then focus on a particular aspect of the Front Page session, tailored to the larger group and the time available. This particular session will be packed with information – there may not be as much individual feedback and attention as the smaller sessions but participants should go away having a good level of practical information and advice that they can then put into practice. 

Cost: €600 ex VAT