Higher education and research organisations publish extensively: alumni magazines, research journals, strategy papers.

We can make these documents more dynamic, so they work harder for your institution.

We have profiled research projects and campus initiatives for higher education institutions including Trinity College Dublin, UCD, NUI Maynooth and NUI Galway, in both Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) and Humanities and Social Science (HSS) disciplines. 

We also wrote the document that was at the centre of the Irish National Teachers' Organisation's Stand Up Primary campaign.

Case Study: Stand Up Primary

Stand Up Primary was a document that laid out the priorities of the INTO and its members ahead of the 2015 Budget. We wrote and advised on the layout of the Stand Up Primary booklet. The content was written with a mind to how it would be used in the Stand Up Primary website. The campaign which appeared on billboards and bus stops across the country was a huge success for the INTO and continued to inform education funding priorities to this day.